Giving So Others Can Go

Giving So That Others Can Go


Glen  De Young was called by the Lord to serve children and their families through the sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the teaching of godly character virtues.

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Education Scholarship Program


Educational Scholarships For
Children in Manipur, India

Over the past several years educational scholarships have been provided by generous donors for qualified children in Manipur, Northeast India to go to school.

Due to the issues of poverty, and family instability, children are living with extended family members.  Because these families have their own children's education to provide for, assistance is needed in the form of a scholarship to insure that a child in need is able to attend school. 

Please consider giving a gift of $360 for one scholarship so that a child in need can attend school.  All gifts are tax deductible.  The children accepted into the scholarship program attend a local church Sunday School program. 


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ECM Teacher Training Course

ECM Teacher Training Course



American Lady in a village in IndiaThis teacher training course has been developed for the purpose of training workers to develop and implement evangelistic and discipleship Bible and character programs for children. 

Teaching ideas are shared in the context of Bible and character programs used in rural India. Practical methods of instruction, helpful ministry teaching tools and retention aids are introduced.Teachers Training Course 

The use of a fourth generational mentoring method of teaching others is introduced along with important program setup and methods of instruction. Helpful teaching curriculum resources are introduced.

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ECM Teacher Training Seminar Assistance Program


 Teacher Training Seminar
Assistance Program


Glen presenting teachers books

To make available these quality teacher training seminar programs to those not able to provide for the full cost of a teacher training seminar and the regular purchase cost of lesson materials, your help is needed and appreciated. 

Your gift will provide a partial scholarship for those attending a teacher training seminar program and will assist them in the purchase of lesson materials at a reduced rate.

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Character Training Program


 Lessons in Living Character
Training Seminar Program


This Lessons in Living Character Training Seminar Program for parents and teacher’s seminar has been designed for the purpose of training parents and teachers to learn and teach Bible, History, and Nature illustrated character lessons to their children. Character lesson materials introduce basic principles that aid the parent and the student in their learning and practicing godly Christian virtues.


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